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Varjo’s Bund added that although the underlying technologies and required development skillsets are very similar, AR and VR are trying to solve very different problems and address very different needs. AR and VR are sometimes conflated, but it is very rare that they can be used interchangeably, he said. Coincidentally, at annual developer conference Google I/O on 11 May 2022, Alphabet presented a prototype of smart glasses capable of displaying the translations of conversations in real time. First, the technological infrastructure needed to support the metaverse is rapidly improving.

And as you’ll soon see, each technology used to access the metaverse creates a distinct form of extended reality. Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications. The Decentraland community uses the MANA token to purchase land and goods and services in the Decentraland economy. The Sandbox has become popular with a slew of celebrities and companies purchasing virtual land to build experiences or just own digital real estate.

Understanding metaverse

Both developers and end users require a graphical processing unit for enhancing the graphics and video rendering. Also, while CPUs do computations in serial form, GPUs do them in parallel. In simple terms, GPUs provide that extra bit of muscle that can help a program do more complex computations.

What does the future look like?

Exploration doesn’t just involve looking through a simulated 3D environment. Of course, this type of exploration is part of the more extensive experience of the metaverse. Many people love the chance to be among the first to see new sights within the continually expanding landscapes of the metaverse.

And more content gets built more with more developers, more product. You basically give consumers more reason to buy VR headsets essentially, and their technology continues to improve, and prices come down. As the conversation heightens around the metaverse and companies make more significant investments in the future of the internet, hear how J.P. In sum, I hope that this clarifies what the metaverse really is. While preeminent in the gaming space, the example mentioned above is another use case that has immediate real-world value.

Scores of companies have worked feverishly on metaverse-related applications for many years. The advantage of using blockchain technology is that it allows for a secure and permanent record of ownership. It does, however, make it easier to buy and sell and generally exchange commerce in the metaverse. For that reason, if you’re planning to interact in these worlds, you’ll probably want to invest in some of these coins.

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I think, you know Web 1.0, certainly more desktop driven, more basic e-commerce dedicated infrastructure. So that was really followed by Web 2.0, a mobile-first type of internet cloud based, more driven by social platforms and user-generated content. Considering this further, the scope of metaverse use cases beyond gaming is at present quite limited.

  • Influencer marketing is on the rise, and the metaverse is another platform that allows them to interact with their followers more meaningfully.
  • Being able to live a healthy and fulfilling life, and balancing the two worlds will be one of the most difficult concepts to teach to the younger generations in the next decades as some opponents of the metaverse believe.
  • You basically give consumers more reason to buy VR headsets essentially, and their technology continues to improve, and prices come down.
  • To add to that, Apple’s approach uses AR-based technologies and experiences where data is augmented onto lenses to simultaneously view the real world as well as virtual data.
  • These services help game developers and creators make live games in a singular modular platform.
  • At its center, the metaverse provides a simulated world consisting of 3D video graphics, environments, and characters.
  • However, for the most part, you can rely on these central points within any variation on the metaverse.

This communication may not be redistributed or retransmitted, in whole or in part, or in any form or manner, without the express written consent of J.P. Our financial advisors create solutions addressing strategic investment approaches, professional portfolio management and a broad range of wealth management services. X10.Agency Founder | DeFi/Crypto/NFT marketing and launch | Worked with… Take a look under the hood, and you’ll see the underlying currents.

Will the metaverse end up replacing the Internet?

The distinction between AR, VR and XR is another source of confusion, she said. Shannon regarded AR and VR as two ends of a spectrum of the union of the physical and the digital, illustrating the nature of the spectrum by referring to HTC’s Proton prototype. The headset/glasses can switch from VR to AR, thereby physically representing the spectrum. She also noted that for many AR applications, a smartphone is sufficient to provide the digital layers on top of real-world objects and landscapes.

As the industrial use cases of augmented reality grows, there will be more importance of a computational technology that can optimize complex workings within an environment by gaining a complete picture of movements. Spatial Computing is an important tool in enabling safety and efficiency in a virtual environment. Yeah, so I think between Web3 and Metaverse, you could have really enormous transformational impact here. The question is when and what the timing is, and it’s certainly over the next several years or possibly decades in terms of how this plays out. I think for Metaverse, you have early applications that are strongest in things like gaming, which really takes up a lot of the conversation right now, but I think you’ll see more. There is certainly more in terms of virtual fitness, education, work place type of applications, for example, still very early.

What properties can you expect from a metaverse?

And we think that’s about VR hardware through Oculus, of course. More product in content development also potentially really building out an operating system for the Metaverse. I think more broadly, there are clearly a number of companies that are focused on hardware, and we see that beyond Meta, in terms of Sony, Apple, potentially Google as well.

Many online shopping companies and communication companies did not survive the rise and fall known as the dot-com bubble and did not survive the impending crash afterward. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the metaverse that will need to be addressed at some point. For example, how the metaverse will handle crime control, ownership, and work is still unknown. Here’s a deeper understanding of the metaverse, its uses, and where it’s heading.

Cisco’s shake-up will affect about 4,000 workers as the company doubles down on security, enterprise networking and its platform … As the metaverse takes shape, companies must consider a slew of new cybersecurity challenges and how to deal with them. As with other assets like commodities or stocks, you can invest in the future prices of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin futures allow you to make a bet on the future trajectory of… With the recent volatility in the markets in 2022, many investors are looking for ways to profit from downward price movements. There are many different types of metaverses, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Understanding metaverse

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Within this metaverse guide, we aim to turn our knowledge into clear information, so that you can join us on our journey to the future where the online and physical world merges. She noted that although Facebook’s name change to Meta drew attention to the emerging metaverse, she was frustrated that the focus on Meta’s vision limited the view on VR and related applications for many industrial use cases. Shannon highlighted AR as an enabler of the digital-physical union, saying that AR “transforms the nature of the relationship between humans and computers”. While people are currently limited to look at two-dimensional spaces, three-dimensional environments will connect them very effectively to the physical world, she added. Related technologies have caught the attention of businesses and consumers, and the metaverse has become commercially viable.


Dependence on VR technology has limited metaverse development and wide-scale adoption. Limitations of portable hardware and the need to balance cost and design have caused a lack of high-quality graphics and mobility. Lightweight wireless headsets have struggled to achieve retina What Is The Metaverse display pixel density needed for visual immersion. Another issue for wide-scale adoption of the technology is cost, with consumer VR headsets ranging in price from $300 to $3500 as of 2022. Some metaverse implementations rely on digital currencies, and often cryptocurrency.

Investment Opportunities in Metaverse Technologies

So far, these issues are still being tackled by traditional tech giants like AT&T and Samsung. Virtual Worlds’ Developments are also a part of the general purpose/cross-platform game engines enabling game creation. They allow developers to build experiences through graphical interfaces which are pre-set. Thus, these experiences require less investment of time and money.

No longer will the connectivity of people be beholden to the square within a phone or computer screen, but rather experience virtual companionship at any time and from anywhere. There is already a metaverse in the gaming world, but it’s only a slice of what’s to come. Fortnite, for example, has hangout spaces where an estimated 125 million players can take a break from the battle royale experience, to enjoy a low-key concert. Virtual reality headsets sit over your eyes like a pair of high-tech goggles. Each of your eyes is presented with its digital display of the metaverse VR.

However, Stageverse can be expensive, as users have to pay for tickets to enter shows. That means it’s a virtual world that you can explore and interact with. The metaverse also has its own rules, its own physics, and even its own currency called bits, coin, or token. It will ensure value ownership and circulation with the use of decentralized value transfer mechanisms, settlement platforms, and smart contracts. Decentralization will result in the realization of an economic system that is open, effective, and stable.

Both the early web and metaverse went through two initial points of development. This period required people to have a high level of expertise to create content in the digital realm. For example, one would have to be an expert programmer to create content for the early internet or metaverse. Next came the engineering era, where new tools make it easy for even new developers to create content.

Companies Mentioned

In 2021, many significant startups received funding to build out the Metaverse. Technologies where we have noticed a lot of private Capital are blockchain and virtual worlds. Startups powering these virtual worlds are attracting private Capital. Digital Avatars, an integral part of the Metaverse, attract many investors. Genies and Ready Player Me are digital avatar startups which have raised funds to power the Metaverse.